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Founded in 1949, Solon Manufacturing Company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Belleville springs, washers, industrial pressure switch products, and SF6 gas density monitoring equipment to industries in
over forty countries. 

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Maintain Bolt Preload on Electrical Connections Using Belleville Springs

Solon Belleville Springs solve electrical application challenges such as differential thermal expansion (DTE), vibration, embedment relaxation, bolt yield and thermal cycling.

Solon Belleville Springs counteract the effects of DTE by maintaining sufficient load on bolted electrical connections to prevent hot spots during and after temperature cycles. After yield and relaxation of joint components, a Belleville spring maintains a consistent sufficient load on the bolted joint.

Did You Know? Properly used Solon Belleville Springs can reduce the loss of preload by a factor of 5X or more and greatly reduce the opportunity for a failure.

Download our technical white paper, Maintain Bolt Preload on Electrical Connections Using Belleville Springs, to learn more about keeping bolted connections tight and reducing the risk of a catastrophic failure.