If a bolt is subjected to cyclic loading, it can be at risk of fatigue failure, so it is important to understand how fatigue failure can be prevented. There are several tools that can be used to evaluate a bolt's fatigue limits relative to its application— each with their own benefits and limitations, however, the inputs and relative outputs are comparable. 

In this white paper, a fatigue test experiment was conducted where bolts were torqued to a predetermined mean preload to replicate a displacement cycle. During the fatigue tests, bolts were evaluated alone, and with Belleville spring washers in order to compare the results. The study evaluated the minimum and maximum stress that the bolts experienced at each load cycle, as well as the ultimate strength and endurance limit of the fasteners.

Fill out the form to download the paper, Using Belleville Springs to Prevent Bolt Fatigue Failures, by Solon Manufacturing Co.'s Chief Engineer and Executive Vice President, George Davet, BSME, MBA, to learn how the results of this study revealed that adding Belleville springs to a bolted joint reduces the change in load on a bolt without Belleville springs, and can drastically increase the elasticity of the fastening system by improving cycle life of the bolt and eliminating the risk of fatigue failure. 



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